4 Built 100x24 mm Rollerski Wheels

Pursuit Rollerskis
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Wheel speed required

Set of 4 100x24 mm replacement skate wheels built with bearings and bearing spacers, so all you have to do is slide them onto your axle bolts. Made for 6 mm axle setups (M6 bolts). These fit other brands as well including Pro-Ski S5e, Ski Skett Shark, Swenor Skate Elite. If you have Marwe 610's you'll want our 105 mm wheels and our conversion spacers for Marwe ($10 for all of them). If you have Fischer Carbonlites or V2 XL98's you'll want us to use a 8 mm floating bearing spacer so include a note and we'll build them using them. 

Wheel Speed Options: 

Speed 1 - Faster but far from racing fast (2 ply construction). Shorter wheel life due to protective ply construction. 
Speed 2 - Slow: Speed and resistance level comparable to average snow. Most popular speed straight up. If you are a top 20% go with our 2/3 combo, where you put the speed 2 on back and 3 on front. Very long lasting 1,200+ miles. 
Speed 3 - Ultra-slow: For strong/elite skiers looking for the most resistance. Very long lasting 1,200+ miles.

Note: If you go with a 1/2 or 2/3 combo, put the speed 2 on the back as they wear best.

Weight: 202 grams per wheel built with bearings