4 Built 100x24 mm Rollerski Wheels

Pursuit Rollerskis
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Wheel speed required

Set of 4 100x24 mm replacement skate wheels built with bearings and bearing spacers, so all you have to do is slide them onto your axle bolts. Made for 6 mm axle setups (M6 bolts). These fit other brands as well including Pro-Ski S5e, Ski Skett Shark, Swenor Skate Elite. If you have Marwe 610's you'll want our 105 mm wheels and our conversion spacers for Marwe ($10 for all of them). If you have Fischer Carbonlites or V2 XL98's you'll want us to use a 8 mm floating bearing spacer so include a note and we'll build them using them. 

Wheel Speed Options: 

Speed 1 - Faster but far from racing fast (2 ply construction). Shorter wheel life due to protective ply construction. 
Speed 2 - Slow: Speed and resistance level comparable to average snow. Most popular speed straight up. If you are a top 20% go with our 2/3 combo, where you put the speed 2 on back and 3 on front. Very long lasting 1,200+ miles. 
Speed 3 - Ultra-slow: For strong/elite skiers looking for the most resistance. Very long lasting 1,200+ miles.

Note: If you go with a 1/2 or 2/3 combo, put the speed 2 on the back as they wear best.


Note: Periodically inspect your wheels for cracked spokes. An indicator of a cracked spoke would be a clicking sound while rollerskiing. This can happen in really rough conditions from hitting cracks and is dependent on skiers weight and remaining wheel size. We suggest replacing wheels around 95 mm.