100x24 mm Rollerski Wheel

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Wheel speed required

Long lasting 100x24 mm rubber roller ski wheel for training. Slower than polyurethane wheels and longer lasting. Designed specifically for roller skis. Compare to other brands and save! 

One wheel only. Bearings and spacers sold separately. Also check out our 4 built wheel package.

Wheel Speed Options: 
Speed 1 - Faster snow speed. Shorter wheel life due to multi ply construction. 
Speed 2 - Slow: Speed and resistance level comparable average snow. Most popular speed straight up and very long lasting.
Speed 3 - Ultra-slow: For strong/elite skiers looking for the most resistance and very long lasting.

Note: If you go with a 1/2 or 2/3 combo, put the speed 2 on the back as they wear best.


We suggest replacing 100 mm wheels around 94 mm.