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RollerskiShop.com LLC was started in 2004 by cross country ski enthusiast Clayton Keim after seeing a need for lower prices on rollerskis. In 2005, we introduced our very own brand Pursuit Rollerskis, offering what we believe is the best value on the market, and the feedback from everyone has been great. We've continued to innovate and in recent years have continued to offer new models of rollerskis including the launch of innovative Pursuit Fork Flex™ rollerskis in fall 2015. If you are wondering how we can offer such great deals on Pursuit Rollerskis, the answer is simple. Pursuit is owned by RollerskiShop.com LLC, and dealing directly with the factories and having no physical storefront, we keep our overhead down. We set our prices to appeal to a wide market and hope to promote the future of cross country skiing by allowing more skiers than ever train year round, and at the same time provide some of the best products in the market.  

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