4 built 109x24 mm Roller Ski Wheels

Pursuit Rollerskis
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Set of 4 109x24 mm replacement wheels for the Pursuit Fork Flex Elite. Will fit the other Pursuit Fork Flex rollerskis, but will raise the top of frame height of those affecting stability. Won't fit the straight frame Pursuits, or other brands due to forks not being long enough for a 109mm wheel. 

Wheel Speed Options: 

Speed 2 - Slow: Speed and resistance level comparable to average snow. Most popular speed straight up. If you are a top 20% you could go with our 2/3 combo, where you put the speed 2 on back and 3 on front. Very long lasting 1,300+ miles. 
Speed 3 - Ultra-slow: For strong/elite skiers looking for the most resistance. Long lasting.

Note: The 109 mm wheels have 5 spokes. Spokes and cores are aluminum. Periodically inspect your wheels for cracked spokes. An indicator of a cracked spoke would be a clicking sound while rollerskiing. This can happen in when hitting very large cracks and is dependent on skiers weight and remaining wheel size. Very rare for 109 mm wheel to break a spoke however since larger diameter and thicker rubber. Our 105 and 100 mm wheels are 6 spoke design for more strength. We suggest replacing these wheels around 102 mm diameter. Built with regular 6 mm shoulder style bearing spacers. 

Note: If you have a rear pull brake, when you change out your wheels, ask us to include new lock washers for no charge to use between the outside of the forks and the brake arms.