Pursuit Fork Flex Skate Roller Skis

Pursuit Rollerskis
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Wheel speed required
Bindings required
No bindings but predrill required
Largest boot size for mounting required
Wheel size required
Rear pull brake required
Length required
Fender color required

Voted #1 skate rollerski by FasterSkier.com 2016 rollerski review. http://fasterskier.com/blog/article/living-the-dream-2016-skate-rollerski-review/ 


Dynamic Fork Flex™ by Pursuit. Our best selling rollerski reinventing rollerski flex. Super low frame and end flex from spring steel forks simulates the flex of a ski better than concave flex typical of composite frames. 


  • Wheel size: 100x24 mm 

  • Height of top of frame unweighted: 50 mm

  • Frame thickness: 20 mm

  • Ground clearance unweighted: 30 mm 

  • Smoother ride and snappy feeling with no pivot points to rattle or wear out

  • 560 mm wheelbase weight: 1.610 kg/pr with size 100 mm wheels and fenders 

  • 620 mm wheelbase weight: 1.688 kg/pr with size 100 mm wheels and fenders 

  • 670 mm wheelbase weight: 1.734 kg/pr with size 100 mm wheels and fenders 

  • Weight distribution more closely simulates the feel of a long snow ski

  • Flatter flex is more real than concave flex 

  • Fenders standard

  • 190 lb (86 kg) weight limit (Heavier skiers should by the Fork Flex Plus model).

  • Shorter 560 mm is great for youth. 620 mm best for most skiers. Longer 670 mm wheelbase great for elites and people with larger than 48 feet. Optional upgrades include 105 mm wheels and Pursuit pull brake.

We suggest replacing wheels around 95 mm.