Pursuit Fork Flex Elite Skate Rollerskis

Pursuit Rollerskis
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Wheel speed required
Bindings required
No bindings but predrill required
Largest boot size for mounting required
Rear pull brake required

The best skate rollerski just got even smoother and even more stable, with the Fork Flex Elite model new for 2019. The previous Pursuit Fork Flex models come in 100 or 105 mm wheels and the forks that had 10 mm drop, but now with the new Elite, wheels are 110 mm and 15 mm drop in the forks. Take your training to the next level!

Patent pending.   

• 110 mm solid rubber wheels and 15 mm frame drop! Smoothest and most stable yet!

• Fork Flex™ is a proprietary design utilizing spring steel forks creating a flatter ski-like flex

• Aluminum frames provide more durability than composites

• Top of frame to ground is a low 50 mm and clearance 30 mm (unweighted)

• Total weight per pair only 1,816 grams for 625 mm wheelbase

• Swing weight simulates the feel of a long snow ski due to weight distribution

• 190 lb (86 kg) weight limit. If heavier, get the Fork Flex™ Plus model.

• Optional front swing weights and rear pull brake