Swix Quantum Q1 Poles

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The Quantum Q1 is a competition pole balanced with excellent stiffness, pendulum and weight properties. High Modulus Carbon composite material. The pole is 100% compatible with all Triac components in the SWIX collection such as the SWIX TBS and TCS. The Quantum Q1 comes without straps so that the entire TCS strap program is available for maximum custom fitting.

Stiffness: 26 mm
Strength: >70 kp
Shaft weight: 66 gr/m
Total weight 155 cm pole: 155 grams

Diameter under handle: 16 mm

Note: straps not included. For straps, select a pair of Swix Triac, Adjustable, or TCS Pro Fit here: https://www.rollerskishop.com/poles/

Come with snow baskets, so for rollerskiing get the Swix TBS ferrules.

Price per pair.  We can cut to exact length for no charge if you have a precise height you want outside of the 2.5 cm increments. 

Flat rate shipping of $15 for 1 or more pairs of poles to the 48 contiguous US States. Too long for international shipping.


Starting winter 2022/2023 is Swix sizing printed is the actual pole length from tip of snow basket to where strap comes out of handle.  


Starting in FW22/23 SWIX implemented a new reference for measuring pole length.
One very important consequence of this change is that the length printed on the
poles does not correspond to the same actual pole length as previous
poles from SWIX.
The difference between the old and the new length measurement systems is
illustrated in the other images. The closest matching pole lengths according to the
new length system compared to the old pole lengths are listed in the later image.
The change will affect almost all cross country poles. Look for the
tag which indicates that the new pole lengths apply.
The two main reasons for changing the measurement system are:
1. The length printed on the pole will reflect effective pole length and be correct
regardless of which Swix-handle is mounted on the pole.
2. The new measurement system is equal to the way poles are measured according
to the regulations defined by the international ski federation (FIS).

In the new measuring system, Swix measures the pole length from the tip up to the strap attachment. Previously, the pole length was measured to the top of the pole. The strap is attached 4 cm lower than the measuring point used previously, i.e. the top of the pole. This means that poles marked with e.g. 155 cm according to the old system will measure 151 cm using the new measuring system (155 cm – 4 cm = 151 cm).

In order for the poles using the new measuring system to be the exact same length as the poles using the old system, Swix had to start with standard lengths of 151 cm, 153.5 cm, 156 cm, 158.5 cm, etc., which of course is not particularly appropriate. This is why the old to new conversion chart shows effective difference of -1cm.