Swix Triac TBS Ferrules

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Ferrules for the Swix TBS poles. Triac Basket System (TBS) poles can only use these ferrules. The TBS poles have a tapered bottom on the shaft, and these are required to maintain pole strength. Threaded collar holds this ferrule tight to end of shaft. Regular shaft poles and Swix poles before TBS was launched can use the regular rollerski ferrules that we sell (Older Swix poles use the 10 mm hot glue ferrules).  When changing the TBS baskets/ferrules out, be sure to line up the slots cut in the end of the pole shaft with the slots on the basket, and listen for the snap into place when you push it on. The snap occurs when the 2 slots in the end of the pole go over the ridge inside the ferrules at the bottom. When rollerskiing, pay attention for cracks and don't plant your poles in them as that can break a ferrule.


The Swix TBS ferrules add 9mm to the pole height compared to the Swix snow TBS baskets. No need to get longer poles for rollerskiing compared to snow length. 


For sharpening, check out our extra course file: https://www.rollerskishop.com/6-75-extra-coarse-ferrule-file/


Sold in pairs.

One size for Swix TBS poles.

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