IDT Classic Rollerskis with Bindings

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IDT Classic - With an aluminum frame processed and manufactured by IDT factory in Toten, Norway, these skis provide constant feedback from the surface and responsive feeling.


Anti reverse clutched wheels on back. Forks are slotted so you can move clutched wheels to front if you prefer.

Aluminum frames.

Wheelbase: 725 mm

Frame has angled bottom corners for better clearance when angled.

Frame dimensions: 25mm tall, 40 mm wide on top and 25 mm wide on bottom. 

Wheel size: 67x45 mm 

Top of frame height: 50 mm 

Ground clearance: 25 mm

Axle bolt non clutched wheel: M6 65 mm

Weight: 2,120 grams per pair with speed 2 wheels including fenders (verified by us). With Rottefella Classic Rollerski bindings weight is 2,392 grams

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