IDT Skate Elite with Bindings

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IDT Elite is the longest straight frame on the market that we know of with 695mm wheelbase. Come mounted with Rottefella skate rollerski bindings from the factory. IDT makes speed 1, 2 and 3 where 1 is the fastest and 4 is the slowest. At we carry IDT speed 2.  Contact us about different speeds if needed. 

Frame material: Aluminum 

Wheelbase: 695 mm 

Frame thickness 1.5mm

Frame dimensions: 22mm tall and 42 mm wide

Wheel size: 100x24mm

Top of frame height: 58 mm (axle hole is 3 mm higher from center of frame creating 3 mm drop)

Ground clearance: 36 mm

Axle bolt: M6 x 50 mm

Premounted with toe bar clamp at 34cm from rear fender to accommodate all boot sizes (size 50 has 2.5cm of clearance from back fender). 

1,700 grams per pair with speed 2 wheels including fenders (verified by us). With Rottefella Skate Rollerski bindings weight is 1,978 grams.

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