Elpex 70x40 Complete Front Wheel

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Elpex complete front wheel for Evolution V and X models, and the Team model, measuring 70x40 mm. Standard speed 2 or slow speed 3. Speed 3 has longer wheel life so best to put 3 on the back and 2 on the front if doing a combination. Comes with bearings, wheel spacers, axle, and nuts.

Each wheel spacer is 5 mm thick and hub itself is 34 mm wide, for total width with spacers of 44mm.


NOTICE- We found you can retrofit the Swenor Carbonfibre 65x45mm wheels onto Elpex in place of the 70x40mm wheels. To do this, reuse your Elpex wheel spacers that are 5 mm thick, which are thinner than Swenor wheel spacers to get the same width between forks. Reduces ground clearance a little.