Elpex 70x40 Complete Back Wheel

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Elpex complete back wheel for Evolution V and X models, and the Team model, measuring 70x40 mm. Standard speed 2 or slow speed 3. Speed 3 has longer wheel life so best to put 3 on the back and 2 on the front if doing a combination. Comes with anti reverse bearings, wheel spacers, axle, and nuts. Each wheel spacer is 5 mm thick and the hub is 34 mm wide, for a total width of 44 mm with spacers. Axle length is 65 mm and slides up into 6 mm slot on the rollerskis.


NOTICE-Since we are out of these, we've found you can retrofit the Swenor Carbonfibre 65x45mm wheels onto Elpex in place of the 70x40mm wheels. To do this, reuse your Elpex wheel spacers that are 5 mm thick, which are thinner than Swenor wheel spacers to get the same width between forks. Reduces ground clearance a little.