75x44 RullaXC clutched wheel

Rulla XC
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75x44mm clutched classic replacement wheels for the RullaXC classic rollerskis. Clutched wheel for the rear. These come with 4.25 mm wheel spacers that when combined with the hub width of 40 mm, is a total width of 48.5 mm, for inner fork width of 48.5 mm. 

If you have RullaXC classic rollerskis from prior to August 2019, you have the older wheel size which were 76x39 mm, with wheel spacers that are a little thicker at 4.7mm. These new wheels while different hub thickness, total width with of this new wheel and new wheel spacers will match the thickness of your old Rulla wheels, so works for replacement of old wheels.  

Price per wheel. RullaXC products Manufactured in China.