RullaXC Classic Roller Skis

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Bindings required
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RullaXC are low price entry rollerskis. Great for a team on a tight budget or skier that wants a fiberglass frame and save money. Wheels speed is standard from the factory but we would classify it as slightly fast. If you are looking for a higher level classic rollerski we suggest the Elpex or Swenor models. If you encounter any tracking issues, tap the side of the wheels on the pavement to adjust tracking direction.

  • Wheel size: 75x40 mm  

  • Height of top of frame unweighted: 57 mm

  • Frame thickness: 22.8 mm

  • Ground clearance unweighted: 34.2 mm 

  •  725 mm wheelbase  

  •  2,362 grams/pr including fenders

  • Soft fiberglass concave flex 

  • Rigid fenders standard

  • 170 lb (77 kg) weight limit.


RullaXC rollerskis ship free in the USA. $10 USD shipping fee per pair to Canada and other countries, plus $25 USD flat rate order fee to other countries.