Pursuit T6005 Rollerskis

Pursuit Rollerskis
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Wheel speed required
Bindings required
Largest boot size for mounting required
No bindings but predrill required
Wheel size required
Fenders required
Rear pull brake required
Pursuit T6005 - The difference from the T6004 is this model doesn't have the side holes, making it weight 30 grams more than our best selling T6004. You can chose 100 mm or larger 105 mm rubber wheels in three speeds, all of which have a very long wheel life and nice smooth ride. Speed 2 is our best seller. We suggest 2/3 speed combo for top 20% citizen racers. Speed 2 is good for the middle 70% of skiers. Speed 1/2 combo for those looking to cover more ground with less resistance, but the speed 1's have a shorter life. If you have large feet (like 48+, go with our longer T6201). 

Wheel diameter: 100 or 105 mm 
Wheel width: 24 mm 
Bearings: 608 2-RS 
Wheelbase: 600 mm
Weight: 1.52 kg per pair with 100 mm wheels & 1.58 kg per pair with 105 mm wheels
Color: Alloy 

We advise against trying to put bindings on yourself. Even with predrilling, it can be tough setting the screws in the alloy to ensure the bindings are on straight for straight tracking. If you have your own bindings, you can send them to us will all the screws and we'll mount them for $10. 

Note: Periodically inspect your wheels for cracked spokes. An indicator of a cracked spoke would be a clicking sound while rollerskiing. This can happen in really rough conditions from hitting cracks and is dependent on skiers weight and remaining wheel size. We suggest replacing wheels around 95 mm.