Pursuit Fork Flex Fender

Pursuit Rollerskis
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Innovative Pursuit Fork Flex in-frame fender. This fender will only fit on the Pursuit Fork Flex skate rollerskis. It won't fit the Pursuit straight frames or other brands. To install, remove the wheel and the vertical M4 bolt, slide this in, replace the vertical M4 bolt through the fender to secure it. Works on the Pursuit Fork Flex skate rollerskis with 100, 105, and 109 mm wheels. Durable and won't break. Optimizes top of frame length for heel plate mounting room. If you are retrofitting your Fork Flex, you can buy these and two top decals to cover your old fender screw holes. Fit both the regular Fork Flex forks with 10 mm of drop and the Fork Flex Elite with 15 mm of drop.


Designed and manufactured in the USA.  

Price per fender. 

Weight: 16 grams/fender