76x44 mm Classic Ratcheted Wheel

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76x44 mm ratcheted wheel for classic (built with bearings/clutch and axle and wheel spacers of your choice). The profile is quite flat with slightly rounded edges. Right now we are offering this in our speed 2 rubber formula only which runs a little fast. Outside diameter of the bearings is 39 mm. This wheel comes with 73 mm M8 axle that drops up into forks that have 6 mm wide slots (clutched axle isn't removable so you must have drop forks). You'll use included M8 nuts to hold it on. Weight: 272 grams each built with bearings and axle but excluding nuts. 

You can retrofit these onto One Way Classic rollerskis that use 75x44 mm wheels if you request our 4.35 mm wheel spacers for total thickness of 48 mm between forks. To retrofit these onto Swenor Fibreglass Classics you'll want to use our 5.5 mm thick wheel spacers for total thickness of 50 mm between forks. Let us know what wheel spacers you want included. To retrofit onto Ski Go which use 75x44, just use this wheel with your OEM wheel spacers as hubs are same size.