Botas Classic Prolink Rollerski Boots - 2022

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New for 2022. Classic rollerski boots with average width for summertime rollerskiing.  

Compatible with Prolink, Turnamic, and NNN classic bindings only.

We measured the inside lengths (stuck tape measure inside boot with insole in) and got the following lengths: 

  • 40 Euro/6.5 UK/26.5 cm/7.5 US: 10 1/4"
  • 41 Euro/7 UK/27 cm/8 US: 10 3/8"
  • 41.5 Euro/7.5 UK/27.5 cm/8.5 US: 10 1/2"
  • 42 Euro/8 UK/28 cm/9 US: 10 5/8"
  • 42.5 Euro/8.5 UK/28.5 cm/9.5 US: 11"
  • 43 Euro/9 UK/29 cm/10 US: 11 1/8"
  • 44 Euro/9.5 UK/29.5 cm/10.5 US: 11 1/4"
  • 45 Euro/10 UK/30 cm/11 US: 11 1/2"

You can measure your foot by backing it up against a wall barefoot and measure out. Generally for summer sock thickness and to ensure toes aren't rubbing on front, you want a boot that is your foot length plus ~1/2-5/8"

We won't get any more Botas boots until early summer 2023 as the factory sold out right away, so this will be it for 2022. 

Note, depending on the size, some have laces that run short, so when lacing, it works to skip some of the eyelets at the mid section (see second picture).