XC Ice Skis

XC Ice
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Bindings required
Largest boot size for mounting required
No bindings but predrill required

The XC-Ice skis aren't like the short stiff ice blades you've seen on the market. These are a shorter ski (790 mm length), connected to dual-blades under the tip and the tail - kind of like a rollerski but dual blades instead of wheels. Now you can switch it up and get out and train on the lakes if you don't have snow. Includes bag. 

Use same binding and boots as for ordinary skiing. 

XC-Ice is invented and Patended by Odd G. Burmo from Norway. 

Use caution when on frozen water. Always inspect the ice thickness, and know where currents are creating thin ice. It is advised you take ice picks with you in case of breaking through to assist in climbing out.