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Black soft plastic fenders that fit both 100 and 105 mm wheels. Price is per fender, and each comes with 2 scews for mounting. Great for going through wet conditions to keep your boots dry from the water spray. Won't crack if you abuse them. Free mounting when purchased with rollerskis. Space needed between bindings and wheel to mount: 24 mm (19 mm if you cut off part of the fender mounting base). If you already have roller skis, check how much clearance you have from the back of your boot to the back wheel, and then measure the distance from the back of the heal plate to the wheel. You'll want to mount to allow for enough space for a full size wheel so you don't have problems with new wheels down the road scraping on the fenders. You might be able to snap off the last section of your Pilot heal plate to allow for enough room, or unscrew the NNN heal plate and remount just that a little further forward by sliding it in some. To mount yourself, mark how far from the wheel it should be, and then line it up on both sides and mark the holes by putting the drill bit through the holes. Then drill out the holes and set the screws.